How I Switched to Using a Standing Desk

My switch to a standing desk all began with a simple bet that I joined in on one day at work. As I walked into the office my co-workers were standing around talking about the latest craze that was the standing desk. Many of them thought it was all lies and that standing all day could only do your body harm.

Since I was the receptionist at the time, someone involved me in the conversation and stated “I bet you couldn’t last for more than three months with a standing desk…so I took on the challenge. From this point on it was my mission to prove all of my coworkers wrong; and earn some extra cash on the side.

The Woes of Adjusting to My New Desk

The first day was painful! As each hour went on I could feel my body protesting the idea of standing for 8 hours, but there was a bet so my body would just have to deal with it. About halfway through my day, my legs began to feel weak and my lower back was was quickly tiring. The first day was so agonizing that all I did on my drive home was complain to my husband, and of course, he didn’t understand how standing for a day could be this miserable.

But, I persisted. The idea of proving all of these coworkers wrong and having some extra money in my pocket to splurge kept me motivated. I didn’t give up on this horrible new device, instead I began to embrace it. I found little ways to relieve the pains; for instance, at some points in my day I would begin to march in place to help keep the blood moving in my body. Soon my manager began to find gadgets to make my computer and mouse high enough so that my arms were in the normal 90 degree angle.

After the first month I was getting into the groove of having this new standing desk. It even created conversations on a daily basis as people visited our office. Soon I began to notice some unexpected, and unintended, effects on my posture and office habits from this new desk.

The Extremely Unexpected, and Unintended, Effects

Naturally, when we are sitting we have the habit to slouch our posture; but I began to realize that with this new desk my posture was naturally beginning to correct itself. Not only did this new desk help my posture, but it soon began to change my habits around the office. I found that since I was already standing at my desk, I walked around the office more frequently and taking my short breaks when I was supposed to…instead of just working through them.

My shoulders used to always feel tense, so much so that I was getting regular monthly massages. Not only did this new desk help me with my shoulder aches, but it also was starting to save me the money that I was spending monthly on these massages.

Well the three months quickly came and went and I was practically in love with my standing desk. Not only did I pocket about $50 but I could tell my health and my posture was, and would continue to, benefit from my new desk. I am still using the standing desk and it has been a year since my little bet with my coworkers.

Want More Information?

Soon I began to research how others were benefiting from the standing desk, to see if this was a rare case or if it was truly benefiting everyone who used it. Eventually I ran across this amazing article ( This article not only gives interesting information on the standing desk, but there are now stools that you can order that will help you transition into your new standing desk. This site will help you start your journey to a better you, and you will never look back.

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